With the aim of providing fantastic online courses to NWSDB employees and also for the outside requesters we are have developed a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and it is available at http://vle.waterboard.lk/.  Mainly, this is a web-based self-learning environment with specially designed e-learning courses by our subject matter experts to give you more interactive learning experience.

This VLE consists of both real-time (on line) interactions and also interactions, which occur over extended period of time, email or online discussion forums, etc. Courses will be broken up into modules that contain the learning content and activities which are specially designed and developed to suit for accessing as a web page through any type of digital device with an internet connectivity.  These e-modules usually contains text readings, illustrations, animations, videos and many more interactive activities that aim to enhance the learner’s knowledge, skills and also their attitudes. All necessary instructions are there that need to learn and complete the quizzes and assignments. Given learning activities will vary in each module and learner has to complete these modules within a given time period. Users can access these online courses easily through the Mobile App also.

We are developing e-learning courses mainly related to Water and Sanitation sector activities at present. 

Published On: November 18th, 2021 / Categories: Centre for Knowledge, cewas /