Few important research proposals were presented by NWSDB employees to be taken up for the NWSDB research cycle 2023/2024.
The Research Appraisal Committee comprising of all senior staff of different disciplines were available to give valuable feedback to the young researches.
It was a blessing to have the presence and the active participation of the Chairman Mr. Nishantha Ranatunga and the GM, Dr. Eng. Wasantha Illangasingha throughout the event.

The presented topics were
● Effective Asset management System for Kandy South Water Supply Scheme
● Localized Onsite High Strength Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl) Generation
● Production of Carbon Gold (Biochar) from Sewage Sludge, Assess Quality and Application for Food Crops
● Reuse of Water Treatment Plant sludge for the replacement of clay in Cricket Turf
● The Study of the Smart System to Minimize Non-Revenue Wastage of Pipe Bone Water Distributions of the Water Supply Schemes in Central Province
● Removal of Nitrate and Phosphate from Wastewater Using Low-Cost Engineered Bio Char
● Option Study of Removal Manganese from Raw Water by Oxidation Followed by Sedimentation and Filtration of Vavunathvu Water Treatment Plant
● Identification of Causes and their Vulnerability to Rehabilitation or Replacement of Pipelines During the Physical Lifespan
● Assessing the feasibility and effectiveness of constructing conventional drying beds for sludge management at the Ekala water reclamation treatment plant
● Evaluation of Hydraulic Performance of Water Distribution System of Sooriyawewa Water Supply Scheme for Sustainable management
● Method of Estimating the Carbon Footprint of Waste Stabilization Ponds
● An Analysis of the Issues and Opportunities if Implementing the ERP System of the National Water Supply & Drainage Board

Mr. E.P. Rajapakse (Assistant General Manager- Research and Development) has organized the event (Contact No. 0773928471/ 0714112098).
The need of industrial and academic collaborations for the above research proposals was identified. Furthermore, the General Manager indicated the importance of research and its application within the organization like NWSDB in her closing remarks.
All interested academic organisations/ industries are invited to join with NWSDB for research activities. Grants/ funds and sponsorships for the R&D from well-wishers are highly appreciated to make new innovations and contribute to the country’s development.

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