Water treatment plant (WTP) sludge management has turned into a huge concern of NWSDB since the effluent wastewater from sludge treatment has to be regulated to the standards and discharged to water streams. And also the dry sludge can be disposed of inland (Forest, Land renovation, Landfill) also by incineration and melting. Incineration and melting are neither economical nor attractive to the Sri Lankan present context. Therefore, Land disposal is used as the method for sludge disposal in Sri Lanka and it has to comply with the governance of the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

Thus, the NWSDB R&D team has taken up a step to give economical and eco-friendly solutions by finding the reuse potential of WTP sludge to commercially available masonry products. The research is conducted by the Engineer (R&D) S. Sajitthan and supervised by Prof. J.M.A.Manathunga (University of Moratuwa), Dr. Mrs. Wasantha Illangasinghe (Director- CEWAS) and Eng. E.P.Rajapakse (Head- Centre of Innovation).

Published On: March 8th, 2022 / Categories: Centre for Innovation, cewas, New /