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Centre for Innovation

The Centre for Innovation – the Research & Development arm, located in Peradeniya, is dedicated to inspire, support and guide R&D to add value to the organization and the sector through the innovation of new solutions and new technology.

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The knowledge base, experience, the range of water treatment and distribution systems and an abundance of technical, commercial, financial and sociological data at NWSDB, provides a most conducive platform for multi disciplinary research for the progress of the Water & Sanitation sector.

The basis for our R&D; spurred by the objective of achieving outstanding outcomes such as publications in high index journals and conferences, improvements to products and processes; and subsequently, new inventions and patents.

Our Deliverables

  • Formulating mechanisms to create partnerships/ collaborations with national/ international government/ non-government universities, research institutions and manufacturers of products applied in the industry.

  • Creating a strategy for funding postgraduate research. Increasing support for early career researchers.

  • Creating a knowledge hub which provides best practices, research, laboratory services support and training for interested organizations, universities, innovators, educators across the multiple sectors of water and sanitation.

  • Promoting alternative sources such as rainwater harvesting at end user level for places with water scarcity.

  • Introducing modern technology, for example: Connected appliances and Valve operations through the Internet.

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Ongoing Research

  • Introducing of Smart Water Meters to Consumer Connections

  • Burnt coconut shells for rapid gravity filtration

  • Reuse Potential of sludge from Water Treatment Plants.

  • Minimization of iron/manganese deposition in distribution system

  • Uses of Isotopes in Identification of Groundwater Recharge zones of Hakmana Well Field

  • Performance evaluation of domestic water meters and impact on the reduction of NRW: A case study in Batticaloa

  • Evaluation of causes and Impacts of Contractual disputes in water supply project and way forward

  • Rainwater recharge technique to improve ground water quality

  • Internet of things based smart management system for water supply schemes

  • Study of The Suitability of Dosing Poly Aluminium Chloride Made by The Scrap Waste

  • Enhancement of Pipe Boren Water Usage for Drinking by The Consumer Awareness in Padukka MoH Area

  • Artificial groundwater recharge, determination of groundwater flow and assessment of the quantity and quality variation in hard rock aquifer system in the dry zone of Sri Lanka: A case study on Wariyapola, Northwestern Province

  • Causation and Prevention of the kidney disease of unknown Etiology (CKDu)

  • Groundwater modelling in Attanagalla Oya River Basin

  • Groundwater potential and water quality-related issues in Mannar Island

Research Symposium Proceedings

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R&D Expertise


  • GIS for Asset Registration

  • Consumer
    Service improvements

Social Aspects

  • Consumer Care

  • Stakeholder relations


  • Automation and Energy Optimization

  • Automated Consumer Billing

  • Leak Detection

  • Water Loss Management

  • Water Resource Planning (Singapore Approach)

  • Water Demand Management

  • Water Resource Management

Innovation Collaborations

Local as well as international industries

Tertiary education institutes, universities and other higher education institutes

Public and private entities



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