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A wing of CEWAS to tap the overseas opportunities in water and wastewater treatment to globalise the repository of knowledge and skills NWSDB have accumulated in water and wastewater sector through 48 years’ service excellence.

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Who we are

As a new venture, NWSDB is ready to embark in a novel journey by employing its rich knowledge and experience gained over 48 years of exemplary journey in engineering and other supportive services in providing water and wastewater services to the nation. The knowledgeable and experienced workforce, ISO accredited water and wastewater treatment facilities and laboratory network as well as determination and commitment towards success are the strengths paving the way to the new era of entering the international market as a leading player through cewas.

  • Consultancy services in feasibility studies related to water and wastewater projects
  • Planning and design of water and wastewater treatment systems
  • Planning and design of water distribution/ wastewater collection systems
  • Construction projects related to water and wastewater
  • Water and Wastewater Solutions for rural communities

Our Human Resources

Though 48 years’ service of excellence, we have accumulated rich knowledge and profound experience in various engineering specialties including Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic, Automation, System and Process Engineering as well as in other disciplines including Information Systems and Digital Services, Human Resource Management and Financial Management.

Our Other Resources

With the proven track record of 48 years of excellence, we have accumulated unparalleled physical capacity in the utility industry of South Asian region. Most of our facilities are endorsed with international certifications. Our physical strengths include,

  • Well established Laboratory Network with ….. Laboratories spread over Sri Lanka, among them … ISO 9002 accredited Laboratories.

  • Water Treatment Plants, with conventional to most advanced treatment processes (pulsator, R.O Plant) with the range of 500 m3/day to 500,000 m3/day capacity. … WTPs are ISO 9002 accredited and ….. WTPs are Water Safety Plan implemented.

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants, with conventional to most advanced treatment processes and with the range of 500 m3/day to 4,000 m3/day capacity. … WWTPs are ISO 9002 accredited.

  • Advanced workshop with;

      • Electromechanical Equipment, maintenance and repair,
      • machinery & Fabrication,
      • Electrical & Electronic Repair.
      • Meter repair and Testing.
  • Centre for Knowledge with world class facilities and knowledge capital.

  • Information & Technology Unit with organizational, commercial , H.R Solution & Financial System development capabilities.

  • Automated customer grievances handling system

  • Well established Operational & Maintenance Unit with advanced equipments

  • Non Revenue Water Reduction with skilled staffs.

  • Ground Water Division

  • Renewable Energy Initiatives.

Our areas of expertise

As a player specialized in water and wastewater treatment and non-revenue water management, our areas of expertise include, but not limited to followings,

    • Water treatment and wastewater treatment.

    • Water transmission storage and distribution, and wastewater collection.

    • Feasibility study and Project Formulation.

    • Planning & Design of water and wastewater projects.

    • Water quality monitoring.

    • Water Reclamation.

    • Electro mechanical and automation

    • Ground water.

    • Social and Economic.

    • Commercial and Financial.

    • Project Management and Construction.

    • Digital Solutions.

    • Operation and  Maintenance  of water and water systems.

    Some of our track records

    Ambatale Water Treatment Plant – 550,000m3/day  (Design review, construction supervision, project management & operation)

    Biyagama EPZ Wastewater Treatment Plant – 21, 000 m3/day (Design, construction supervision and operation)

    Greater Dambulla  Water Treatment Plant – 32,000m3/day (Design review, construction supervision, project management & operation)

    Consultancy Services for Defence Head Quarters – 1,200m3/day (Design&  construction supervision)

    Deputy Director (CEWAS)

    Mrs. P.S. Muthunayake

    +94 77 739 2441
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