Key Aspects

  • Performing in-house research: Facilitating or conducting research with high impact value to integrate new concepts and appropriate technology, in-depth analysis of prevailing issues with research value and cost-efficient O&M with other routine procedures, which set the scenario to develop institutional goals.
  • Performing collaborative research:  Bridging several parties, which include external stakeholders (Universities, NBRO/ IWMI/ JRDC/ DCNS etc.) as well as internal (RSC/ Projects/ Major Division of NWSDB etc.) to knowledge transfer and technical support where it needed for research.
  • Facilitation for research: Providing with laboratory facilities, technical support and previous research literature available in R&D for the ease of preceding the research.
  • Providing guidance for research: Pave the way to render a fruitful outcome of each research through sharing the resources and previous experiences, provide consultation and training for young researchers in NWSDB.
  • Conducting R&D symposium: R&D symposium is held annually to publish research outcomes, which are selected by the professional committee appointed by NWSDB. Both NWSDB employee and external researchers can publish in the symposium.

Other Activities

  • Liaise with outside relevant organizations (MASL, CEA, DMC, WHO, Universities, NSF, ITI, NERD, etc.)
  • Sharing of knowledge and expertise in solving issues in implementation of projects, and Operation and maintenance in NWSDB. 
  • Design, Improve, solve issues of Package Water Treatment Plants
  • Monitoring and attend on required issues of RO plants installed by NWSDB
  • Provide opportunities for undergraduates to complete training
  • Participation for public and school exhibitions.
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